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JUST BEYOND THE HOLLYHOCKS: Articles, Essays, Memoirs and More by Peggi Ridgway

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More 



This fascinating collection of essays and stories shares experiences from birth and earliest memories to career and family, from unique occurrences and surprising events, to everyday observances and a myriad of pleasant surprises. The Queen Mary ocean liner pops up three times in her life; a New Jersey cousin finds a childhood friend in one of the author's published articles; a childhood crush walks into the author's office 30 years later; a treasured old Chevy holds the key to freedom for the family; and a badly injured son becomes a champion once again. Not to mention essays on the quirky qwerty keyboard and a variety of topics. It's a conversational tome that brings many smiles.


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News & Notes

 Peggi 040216 sq 110wI'm so excited and proud to introduce my latest book to you!

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More was a labor of love to write, believe me. After all these years of business writing -- writing about companies and cities and industries -- I just had to share all the "stuff" in my head: Memories, stories, happenings, people, places, all so personal and all so meaningful. So here they are in my first "personal" book! Many of the stories were written as the events occurred, so in some cases, they are "old" like me! No less interesting, I hope.

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More by Peggi RidgwayI'd love for you to read my Hollyhocks book and let me know what you think. Just come on back to and use my email form. Thanks!



Peggi Ridgway

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