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A truly life-empowering program called Toastmasters is waiting for you!

Founded in 1924 by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley in a Santa Ana, California YMCA, new Toastmasters clubs sprang up very soon around the country.

Today there are more than 15,000 clubs in more than 130 countries, with 300,000-plus members. Here in Oklahoma where I live, we have nearly 100 clubs and more than 1,000 members throughout the state (District 16).

Honestly, this is the most supportive, effective educational group I've ever been part of. Not only have I developed effective communications and speaking skills and the confidence to stand and speak anywhere, any time; I've also honed my leadership abilities and my skills at organizing projects and working with teams. My Toastmasters experience keeps me moving forward.

I strongly encourage you to find a Toastmasters club near you. To start, visit and click Find a Club.


Toastmasters offers the opportunity to improve through speaking tips, techniques, performing assigned roles, peer evaluations, group events and much more.

It's a time-proven experience:

Go here now to find a club near you: 

Check out my home club:




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 Peggi 040216 sq 110wI'm so excited and proud to introduce my latest book to you!

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More was a labor of love to write, believe me. After all these years of business writing -- writing about companies and cities and industries -- I just had to share all the "stuff" in my head: Memories, stories, happenings, people, places, all so personal and all so meaningful. So here they are in my first "personal" book! Many of the stories were written as the events occurred, so in some cases, they are "old" like me! No less interesting, I hope.

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More by Peggi RidgwayI'd love for you to read my Hollyhocks book and let me know what you think. Just come on back to and use my email form. Thanks!



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