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"I love researching, interviewing and writing." - Peggi Ridgway

Keyboard"The diversity, the variety of topics and the discovery of nuggets of truth and history are exciting."

Peggi's more than 600 non-fiction published articles include topics such as rodeo, art, technology, city projects, life-changing projects, corporate histories, memorable characters and more. She's done some technical writing (ask her about the time she was asked to dis-assemble and re-assemble a computer in order to proof and confirm the steps in those two processes, for the support manual written for technicians of Toshiba).

A professional copywriter or article writer, she will develop and write 100 percent original text for your project. Here are some possibilities you can contact Peggi about:

Peggi and her firm, Wordpix Solutions, also provide related services:

  • Book design and production
  • Web design and production

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Read Peggi's timeless first-person article, "The Quirky Qwerty Keyboard"



News & Notes

 Peggi 040216 sq 110wI'm so excited and proud to introduce my latest book to you!

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More was a labor of love to write, believe me. After all these years of business writing -- writing about companies and cities and industries -- I just had to share all the "stuff" in my head: Memories, stories, happenings, people, places, all so personal and all so meaningful. So here they are in my first "personal" book! Many of the stories were written as the events occurred, so in some cases, they are "old" like me! No less interesting, I hope.

Just Beyond the Hollyhocks: Essays, Articles, Memoirs & More by Peggi RidgwayI'd love for you to read my Hollyhocks book and let me know what you think. Just come on back to and use my email form. Thanks!



Peggi Ridgway

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