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Whether you read from an electronic device (Kindle, Nook) or a traditional hard copy printed book, every book benefits from an outside eye review. Someone other than the writer should take a look.

"I have in my library a book of inspiration and truly moving life stories, an anthology by women who overcame enormous obstacles to accomplish great things. I keep this book not because the women's experiences inspire me but because the book is a living example of what not to do. The pages contain countless typos, misplaced apostrophes and commas, misspelled words, paragraphs laden with superfluous, unnecessary words. I have not had the heart to mention these things to the author and gatherer of these articles, but I keep her book because it reminds me that I always benefit when I hire someone with a trained eye to review my work before it goes to print." - Peggi Ridgway

Peggi and her team at Wordpix Solutions, have designed, edited, written and produced books of all kinds:

  • Stan Cody's Teaching Out of the Box (education)
  • Jo Kelly: The Truth about Being an Extra (background actor)
  • Stephen Smith, D.C.: Escape to the Mountain (personal experience)
  • Jared Smith: Fishin' Trails: 25 Short Hikes for Eastern Sierra Wild Trout
  • Julie Dieboldt Price: Babyboomers Guide to Digital Photography (CD Series)
  • Jan Works and Peggi Ridgway: Sending Flowers to America (history)
  • Dr. G. Flynn: A System of Universes (mathematics and theory)
  • Gerald Kostecka: Dreamtime Friend (children's book)
  • Paul Pease: Building a Small Blue Chip Business (business)
  • Peggi Ridgway: Jump-start Your Job Search, Web Savvy for Small Business

Let Peggi review your manuscript and work with you to make your book a reality in the most professional manner.

Yes, our team can help you:

  • By editing your material, writing headings, etc.
  • Get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Get Library of Congress Card Catalog Number
  • Find a source for photos, graphics
  • Obtain printers' estimates and get the printing done
  • Compare digital and ebook services
  • Get the book done!

 Dreamtime Friend    The Truth about Being an Extra    Fishin Trails: 25 Short Hikes for Eastern Sierra Wild Trout





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