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What Website Owners Want

  1. Creating a new website can be exciting and highly beneficial for your business.

It's an admirable goal! The business owner might want the website just for industry credibility; or to offer their customers downloadable documents; some want to obtain information about their customers so they offer custom designed forms on the site. Most every website has a purpose and can be good for business.

2. Don't overlook the need for thorough website planning: It's crucial!

Some businesses approach the web developer with a "just throw something up there, it'll be fine" sentiment. Others hand over a company brochure or literature, expecting the developer to instinctively know how their business is organized. Truth is, the designer, developer and writer all need a good, clear organization chart or roadmap. That's why Peggi and her team talk one-on-one with the customer to create an overall view, a focus and the main and sub-categories for the website.

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3. Understand what it takes for the site to "come up at the top" of a Google search.

Many people believe that just the reality of having a website will attract hundreds of visitors, potential customers and sales. Few understand that strategic planning and optimization of site text (both marketing functions) are additional to the website's design and development. Also, study the differences between:

(A) "Paid" positioning (as in AdWords, Sponsored Links and formal online marketing campaigns) -- the FAST (and expensive) way to get the site near or at "the top within a day or two;" and...

(B) "SEO" (search engine optimization) of the key, focus pages on the website -- the SLOW (and less expensive) way to get the site to "the top." It may take months, but once the site is in Google's database and has good positioning, with proper maintenance and frequent updates, it's likely to stay there.


Peggi consults on these topics and will be happy to work with you on your project. She also works directly with an online marketing firm, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has an impressive record of helping customers advance their sites in Google positioning and online marketing. 

A serious business should display a website that works effectively and can easily be found. Find out how to do that now.

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